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Why Use Fiber Optics for your business – Fiber Optic Cables

The new age has transformed how enterprises do their business. They have become increasingly reliant on cloud based services for their daily operations. Slow internet connections, high latency, capped connections are some of the challenges that lower the productivity and efficiency of a business, which translate to losses. It is of great importance for businesses to ensure smooth-running and secure networks for both their employees and clients.

Fiber optics offer powerful advantages to ensure reliable connectivity for a business. Some of the advantages they offer include:

1.     Higher Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables have greater bandwidth compared to copper cables. They transmit more data than copper cables of the same diameter.

2.     Faster speed

Having greater bandwidth to other metal cables, fiber optic cables have significantly higher speed connections ensuring the ability to do various activities like downloading files, uploading files, making calls at once.

3.     Longer transmission distances

Fiber optic cables can reach 10’s of kilometers in distance compared to the maximum 100-meter distance limit of copper cables. This is because fiber optic cables are low power loss mediums and achieve higher bandwidth over greater transmission distances.

4.     Greater flexibility

Fiber optic cables are thinner and lighter in weight. Fiber can withstand more pull pressure than copper and is less prone to damage and breakage.

5.     Improved security

Fiber optic cable keeps data secure, they do not radiate signals and is very difficult to tap without your knowledge, this is because the signal traveling through a fiber cable is contained inside the individual fiber strand, and it must be accessed from the end of the cable by cutting into it, this would take the network down, and would immediately be detected.

6.     Improved Latency

Fiber optic cables offer improved latency, downloading and uploading of large files without disruption. This assures productivity for the business.

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