Maintenance and Care for Aluminium Ladders

Ladders are tools that we commonly use in our homes and even places of work. For some professionals the ladder is the first equipment they require in order to achieve their daily tasks, it is therefore important to ensure that the ladder you invest on will last you long and will be safe to use for you.

Aluminium has been a preferred metal to make ladders because of the many advantages it offers;

It is Lightweight

Aluminium is a lightweight metal therefore easy to carry around and handle compared to other materials used to make ladders like wood. This makes them efficient for technicians that need to carry around their ladders to different locations for their work.

It is Durable

Aluminium is not at risk of cracking and therefore assures you that it will last you long when you invest on it. However, it is still advisable to do regular checks to identify any cracks early incase of such an incident.

It is Resistant to Corrosion and Rust

Aluminium ladders can be used in any kind of environment because aluminium is resistant to corrosion and rust. Sometimes aluminium oxidation can occur, however, it is harmless to the ladder and can be removed from the surface by cleaning.

It is Flame Resistant

Aluminium is resistant to fire even when exposed to it for some time, this makes aluminium ladders efficient to use by fire fighters.

It is Affordable

The production cost to produce aluminium products is less compared to production cost for other materials, in turn aluminium ladders are more affordable to their users.

Despite the advantages offered by the aluminium metal they may not last you long as you would hope or be safe for your use if not properly maintained and cared for.

Maintenance and Care for Aluminium Ladders.


Improper storage of ladders may lead to deterioration making them unsafe for use. To ensure the ladder last you long and in good condition proper storage is of utmost importance. Store your ladder away from harm, in a place that accommodates its full length and somewhere people will not bump into it all the time when in storage. It is also important to store the ladder away from harm from the weather, storing the ladder outside or where it is prone to heat and dampness may lead to aluminium oxidation.

It is advisable to store your ladder in storeroom, garage, shed and warehouse.  You can also employ storage racks mounted on the wall or ceiling to ensure it is out of the way.


Cleaning the ladder ensures it is safe to use by removing anything that might make it slippery and presentable before people for example for technicians who need to move their ladders in clients offices, homes etc. Sometimes your ladder may be stored in a place that collects a lot of dirt making it really dirty. The ladder can be cleaned using warm soapy water with a cleaning cloth stiff brushes may be employed if the dirt is stubborn to remove. Make sure the ladder is well dried.

Aluminium metal is very shiny, however, after sometimes you might notice a dull grey colour on the ladder, this is what we refer to as aluminium oxide. To remove the aluminium oxide, buy an acidic aluminium cleaner or use vinegar to clean it, soak the cleaning cloth on vinegar wide the surface of the ladder with the cloth and leave for about 5-10 minutes, wipe the cleaning solution with a clean cleaning cloth, you can also use a stiff brush to remove some stubborn stains at this point.

Handling and inspection

Always ensure that you do not drop your ladder because this could result to loosened steps or breakage at any point making the ladder unsafe for your use.

Every time before and after use of your ladder check to see if there are any damages that may have been done to the ladder this helps you to always ensure the ladder is safe to use. You should also avoid painting the ladder could this conceal any cracks or deformities on the ladder.


When in transit, make sure you’re the ladder is properly secured and not bumping on other objects which may lead to damage.

When choosing a ladder that will last you long, it is important to choose a ladder that is best suited for you. Understanding the height you want your ladder to reach, the kind of load you would put on your ladder when using it, and the styles designed to ensure your safety and work efficiency when using the ladder are a the tips you should consider to help you choose the best ladder that suits your needs.

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