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Maintenance and Repair of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates have become popular because they give you a convenient, easy to use and stylish entry to your home, business or any premises. However, the installation of automatic gates comes with a very expensive price tag attached to it, thus one would require it to last them a long time.

Depending on the type on automatic gate installed, there are some parts which require attention to ensure the gate is functional and would last its owner a long time. The gate itself, the gate operator and tracks need to be regularly maintained, some of the tips to maintain the gate system include;

Cleaning the Gate

You can choose any material for your gate structure, however, steel and iron are the most commonly used materials for their ease of use. These materials are prone to rust which is a problem for the proper functioning of the gate system.

To keep these materials from rust, it is wise to clean the gate and the gate operator regularly. Clean the gate by hand to be keen on all the details of the gate and identify any causes of rust or damage that may be caused to the gate or its components. Coating or painting of the gate should be done regularly or when need arises to prevent buildup of rust.

It is also advisable to clean the surrounding of the gate and the gate operator to ensure to keep off pests which may cause destruction to the gate system.

Look Out for Pests

The gate and the gate operator that controls the gate are always exposed to various elements that may cause destruction to it when outside. Even though manufacturers take the necessary steps to protect the components of the gate operator, they are not 100% resistant to damage thus the need for regular maintenance.

Pests like rodents, insects or snails may cause damage to the gate system in various ways. Rodents may chew on the wire or urinate on the gate operator components, snails may cause moisture build ups on the electrical components, insects’ wings or legs may get caught on the gate operator components.

Make regular checks and cleaning on the gate and its surroundings to ensure to keep off any pests that may cause any destruction on the gate system.

Lubricating Gate Parts

Most high-end gates have their moving parts sealed therefore protected from the tear when in use. However, this may not be the case creating the need to lubricate these gate parts to keep them functional.

Some of the common parts of an automatic gate that require regular lubrication include wheels, hinges, trucks and chains. Depending on the automatic gate installed, manufacturers give recommendations on the maintenance of the gate.

To keep your automatic gate in great shape and fully functional some of the maintenance tips can be done by you but it is also advisable to hire professionals to do regular servicing or make repairs when necessary. An automatic gate servicing depends on the type of automatic gate installed, model and design of the gate but generally the gate servicing may include;

Safety check – Photo-cellular beams, loop detectors, open close stops, safety barriers or emergency fire/ exit functions.

The Motor(s) – whether hydraulic or mechanical, pressure, force, manual operation, clutch, brake, drive sprocket, end piston, motor brackets & oil levels.

Gate hardware – hinges, wheels, bolts & fixings, locks, gate tracks, guide rollers, gear rack & lubrication.

Electronic Controls – fuses, output voltage, terminal connections, wiring, control settings, control box condition, relays.

Access control – Remotes, Push buttons, free exit loops, fire exit commands, intercom open commands, security open commands

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