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Why Electric Fence should be first Line of Defense for Your Property |Electric Fences

Electric Fence

Security is a huge concern for all property owners, whether residential or commercial property. Fencing is the first line of defense in providing that security. Over the years electric fences have gain popularity as the most effective intrusion detection system.

Electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shock to deter people or animals from crossing a boundary. Electric fence prevents intrusion using safe, short, sharp and very unpleasant shock against cutting or climbing attempts. Electric fences are made up of ground wires, live wires, posts and pillars that are insulated, grounding rod and an energizer.

Types of electric fences

Top wall electric fence

A stone perimeter wall is used to support the Top Wall Electric Fence. This kind of fencing is common in homes and areas which have high human traffic. Razor wire is commonly installed on top of the stone perimeter wall to enhance security.

Free standing Electric Fence

A freestanding fence  is not attached to a wall. It is supported by poles buried into the ground and serves as both a physical and an electrical barrier. This is most common in farms and games. A free standing electric fence can be installed using treated wooden posts or steel posts.

Razor Wire Fences

Razor wire fencing use either concertina razor wire or flat wrap razor wire to secure your property. The razor wire can be fitted on top of a stone wall using D10 rebar’s or square hollow steel tubes. It can also be installed on top of a chain-link fence

Chain Link Fences

A chain-link, also known as Diamond Mesh or wire netting, is a galvanized steel wire mesh fence. The apertures are shaped like a diamond, thanks to the zigzag wires that are weaved together. Chain link fence is quite popular because of its great visibility, cheap maintenance, and convenience of installation.

Advantages of Electric Fences

They are easy to install

Electric fences are lighter compared to the traditional fences, this enables you to install an electric fence parallel to or on top of an already existing fence structure. This saves the extra cost of having to install a brand-new fence.

Electric fences deter, detect and delay intrusion

Electric fence deters any potential intruder from trace passing your property. However, sometimes intruders will still try to climb over even after seeing the electric fence, the non-lethal shock stops or delays the intruder. Developing technologies have enabled the combination of electric fences electric fences with alarm system, enable to detect intruders before they manage to come near your property.

Electric fences are much Affordable

Electric fences require a smaller number of support posts and fewer wires when compared to a barbed wire fence. This then directly reduces the amount of money that you will require to complete the whole electric fence installation.

Electric fences are highly versatile

Electric fences adapt to any give environment, they can be used in any soil condition or environment. Electric fences are also very attractive because they allow one to make any necessary adjustments and individual modifications when required.

Moreover, fact that you can install electric fences on top of any existing walls or fences in order to increase security and effectiveness of your fencing system further adds to the versatility of electric fences.

Electric fences are durable and long-lasting

Compared to traditional fencing system, electric fences are more durable and long-lasting since the electric wires have more protection from any high impact damage that may be caused by external factors such as animals, intruders.

Electric fences offer flexibility

Electric fences offer flexibility in terms of the design, one can choose the type of enclosure that they need. The enclosure could be portable, permanent or semi-permanent, they are designed to work in almost all environments or geographical surroundings.

Irrespective of the type of electric fence you choose and the benefits it offers, when installing electric fences, safety should be your primary concern. A slight misjudgment can endanger people and animals in the vicinity.

Keep Away from High Foot Traffic Areas

Electric fences should never be installed in areas that receive considerable foot traffic or where children play. Warning signs should be posted at regular increments around the perimeter of the fence to warn anyone who might approach.

One Energizer per Fence

It is not advisable to install more than one energizer per fence, Connecting two energizers to the same fence creates a dangerous situation because it interrupts the natural pulse cycle. If the energizer chosen is not adequate for the fence installed, separate the fence into two separate fences or buy a larger energizer.

Pay Attention to Polarity

Whether you are using a battery-operated or plugin energizer, polarity matters. Do not ever reverse it. The red cable on a battery-operated unit should be connected to the positive terminal. The black cable goes to the negative terminal. As for plugin units, the positive terminal has a larger probe than the negative to prevent you from plugging it in the wrong way. Do not ever force a plug into the socket. If it does not plug in easily, make sure you’ve got it in the right direction.

Never Combine Electrified and Barbed Wire Fencing

Combining electric fencing with barbed wire can cause a lot of damage. If an animal or intruder gets entangled in the barbed wire while the energizer is live, it could subject them to continuous pulses that eventually kill them.

Careful of Lightning Storms

Stay away from a live fence during a lightning storm. If you are in an area prone to lightning strikes, it is wise to unplug the energizer before the storm hits.

Avoid High-Voltage Power Lines

Do not install electric fences anywhere near, alongside or underneath high voltage lines, this is because electric fences can attract electricity from the high voltage line which is very dangerous.

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